NPR’s Coffee Week – Day 3

For Wednesday, NPR again has two coffee articles. I’m featuring Coffee For A Cause: What Do Those Feel-Good Labels Deliver?

This story made me think of my mom, who is a big proponent of Fair Trade coffee. It causes something of a divide in the parental household. My mom has always been socially conscious and environmentally friendly. I think of her sometimes as an unintentional hippie. She’s an Evangelical Christian, never lived in a commune or worn anything made out of hemp, but she will reuse every plastic Cool Whip container until it no longer retains its shape and will (lovingly) place a guilt trip on anyone who does not recycle. My brother and I did not realize this was not normal until we went to college, where our friends made fun of us for washing our Ziploc bags.

My dad, on the other hand, does not see the sense in reusing every single plastic tub that graces the kitchen. As far as he is concerned, global warming is great big question mark, and anyway, why not just recycle the plastic yogurt cups and just buy some tupperware? And if a plastic bag “accidentally” ends up in the trash can, well, that’s what landfills are for, right? As for fair trade coffee, my dad’s opinion is that you pay twice the money for half the taste, so it’s basically a big scam.

The Cup Winter Coffee

This pic is from The Cup’s Facebook page. Caffeinated Winter Wonderland!

My parents have a great marriage, but they embody in every way the phrase “Opposites attract.” I take most after my Mom – which is probably how I ended up in The People’s Republic of Boulder, drinking coffee from The Cup, the hippie-est of Boulder’s hippie coffee shops. They serve fifteen different types of coffee from twelve different countries, all organic. It’s one of the coffee shops the article mentions, where you can pick which coffee you want to drink based on the inspirational stories of the coffee’s origins, complete with pictures of the farms where the coffee was grown. Which is probably why it’s so expensive!

So, as you can see, this story gave me a lot to think about: my family, my city, the environment, lattes. Mmmm, lattes. I may have to visit The Cup tomorrow – assuming I can decide which type to get!

1 thought on “NPR’s Coffee Week – Day 3

  1. I’m laughing my head off . . .and will read the article to ‘dad’ asap!! You have us pinned perfectly!

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