Top 10 Reasons Star Trek Voyager is awesome

I have refrained from full-on geek-out in this blog thus far, but it’s time for some nerdiness. In honor of Hulu’s free Stark Trek offering (for a limited time only), here are –

Top 10 Reasons Star Trek Voyager is awesome

star trek voyager

  1. All the women kick serious ass.
  2. Creepiest bad guys. Case in point: the Vidiians, kidney snatchers of the galaxy.
  3. They fight the Borg. A lot.
  4. They also have a Borg on board, who also kicks serious ass. Also, Borg children. Basically, there’s just a lot of Borg.
  5. It’s the only Star Trek with a Native American as a main character.
  6. The Doctor.
  7. Many episodes involving time travel – before J.J. Abrams made it cool.belana
  8. They don’t kill off the expendable crewmen – I mean, Harry Kim.
  9. Their Scotty is a temperamental half-Klingon with a killer punch.
  10. Janeway, janeway_needs_coffee_by_hermione_of_vulcan-d4o162k bitches. Recognize.

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