It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I found this video on you tube … brings back memories! It also me made me wax philosophical about the quality of childhood today. Is it just me, or is everything about kids these days more manic? My son hardly has a toy that doesn’t light up AND talk AND sing AND come in about a thousand different colors. He won’t even look at his stuffed animals. They’re too boring. Will my son grow up thinking Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood is too boring? I hope not.

I remember the day I heard Mr. Rogers had died. I cried all the way through the PBS special. It was like part of my childhood died with him. But Mr. Rogers still exists – you can watch old re-runs on Nextflix and Amazon. My son will get to see Mr. Rogers, just like I did. I just hope we haven’t ruined for him with our lifestyle of constant entertainment or even just constant noise – on our phones, in our cars, on our iPads and laptops and televisions. I hope my son will be able to appreciate calmness. I guess we’ll just have to do our best as parents and see.


One thought on “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. I think stuffed animals become more appreciated by kids when their old enough to imagine their toy shares their feelings. Tabby has such a massive collection of stuffed toys. she makes them have adventures, and relationships. Plus she loves the most simple ‘action figure’ pony toys, because she can take them anywhere.
    But I worry about the ‘tech effect’ on kids. Tabby plays games on an ipad all the time, my sisters kids are obsessed with youtube (which terrifies me). I worry that she’ll lose her motivation to create on her own.
    But that’s why I’m the Mom. I get to turn off the video games, or switch the tv from cartoons to animal documentaries or educational TV, or just switch it OFF. Kids have so many more options and gizmos and lights and colors… but thank god our kids have parents who have the desire to show them toys aren’t everything you need. 🙂

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