Coffee-Mate: Crack in disguise?

Seriously, what is the deal with Coffee-Mate? What is it that makes those flavors so addictive? As if regular coffee wasn’t addictive enough! Mentally, I know it is bad for me. It is essentially a quart of chemicals from a lab, after all – but I CAN”T SAY NO. Because coffee is the ONLY thing that gives me energy and now it tastes like joy and world peace.

It’s the holidays, I’ve decided. Coffee-Mate only releases the best flavors around Christmas: Pecan Praline, Sugar Cookie, Eggnog Latte (yes, eggnong. It’s like caffeinated Christmas in your mouth, I’m telling you). Then, once you are hooked, they take it all away, and you go into a buying frenzy sampling all their other flavors, trying to recreate the magic that is Pumpkin Spice.

Eventually (like in June) I will stop buying Coffee-Mate, and go back to my boring unsweetened coffee and milk. And then Christmas will come around, like it always does, and the madness will start all over again. It’s tradition.


4 thoughts on “Coffee-Mate: Crack in disguise?

  1. I am a coffee-mate addict. I don’t even think it’s the coffee itself. I’m not kidding. I’ve gotten to the point that it’s become this love/hate thing with me. I just finished the last of what was in my fridge, and I want so much to quit. To someone who doesn’t get it, this probably seems so silly, but I have to try and really do it this time.
    I even think it’s part of why I haven’t been losing weight. I’ve cut back on every other not-so-good thing in my diet, but this is the one hold out. Seriously: sugar, partially-hydrogenated soybean oil…and I pour this into every single cup (MUG) of coffee. I hope I succeed this time.
    Spring is here, time for new beginnings.

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