New Sarah Dessen novel, The Moon and More

Ok, it’s Embarrassment Confession time. I am seriously addicted to YA romance novels. It’s how I unwind. I loved the Twilight series. I still cry when I read The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And if the novel happens to also include fantasy or take place in a future dystopia, so much the better. I seriously love a good love story, and YA authors rethe_moon_and_more_cover_hires-3_4_r536_c534ally know how to write them.

Speaking of which, one of my favorite authors, Sarah Dessen, is coming out with a new book, The Moon and More, available June 4. If you need something to tie you over during the three long months between now and the release date, you can read an excerpt from the USA Today article below:

Sarah Dessen is, in my opinion, one the more talented writers in this genre. If you, like me, read girly YA novels and have not been introduced to the world of Sarah Dessen before this, check her out. I suggest Along for the Ride to start. Or, if you already know and love her work, we could  always form a teen romance novel support group. Potential discussion topics include “Loud and Proud: How to tote your latest book around without being ashamed to show the cover” and “Romancing the Loan: How to loan your books to your friends and actually get them back.” Suggestions for future topics welcome.


4 thoughts on “New Sarah Dessen novel, The Moon and More

  1. Sarah Dessen is one of my favorite writers (just finished Lock and Key this past week). I’m definitely looking forward to the new book, though I’m going to resist reading that excerpt…want to be surprised when I eventually get my hands on the new book. She had definitely been a gateway into YA books…most notably John Green and Lisa Burnstein.

  2. I am impressed that you survived my book if you normally like YA Romance. 🙂
    I loved Hunger Games. Even if the end of the trilogy broke my heart. But I sadly couldn’t get into Twilight, I think I had too high of an expectation for it.

    • I loved Hunger Games, too! YA Romance isn’t the only thing I read, but it is what I read when I want veg out. As for Twilight, what can I say? I got hooked 🙂

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